Episode 29: Chris O’Brien

Lieutenant Chris O’Brien (Ret.) talks circumnavigating the Earth on a High Endurance Cutter, interdicting suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden, and coordinating the rescue of a downed fighter pilot in the middle of the Pacific.

Find out more about Chris and his disabled veteran owned business at BROB Analytics, LLC and at http://www.brobanalytics.com

Episode 28: Joe Peterson

Former Coast Guardsman Joe Peterson talks the unexpected arrival of the Russian fishing fleet off the Oregon coast in the late ‘60s and how his ability to read and speak Russian put him in the middle of high profile medevacs, law enforcement, and security actions that stoked public fears throughout the entire country.

Find out more about Joe and the CGC Comanche at https://museumships.us/coast-guard/comanche

Episode 27: Brian Boland

From our first live show at the Escape Hatch in E City – Commander Brian Boland talks his first command as an Ensign, flying the mighty C-130 Hercules, and how the plane and its aircrew respond to search and rescue, law enforcement, and security missions in spite of weather that keeps all other flights grounded.

Listen to Brian’s music with Unknown Rider at Amazon and Apple Music

and pickup his entire series of books on Amazon

Outtakes & Side Stories

Available exclusively on our YouTube Channel are unpublished outtakes and sidestories that we’re releasing to encourage all of you to tap the subscribe button on our YouTube channel so we can bring you top quality livestreams and simulcasts! Goal is 100 followers. When we reach it we’ll release another outtake.

In this clip BM2 Steven Haughton (Ret.) tells how he cured a shipmate of his fear of spiders. Stay tuned for the release of a full episode with Haughton soon!

Episode 22: Michael Carr

Episode 22: Former Lieutenant Michael Carr talks diving on the wreck of the Cutter Blackthorn in the immediate aftermath of her deadly collision on Tampa Bay and the search and recovery efforts for 23 Coast Guardsmen, responding to the collision of the MV Summit Venture with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, and diving under an icy Potomac River to locate the wreckage and victims of Air Florida Flight 90.

Find out more about Michael at http://www.hazegraymaritime.com

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